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Map360 Training Movies
Posted by James Johnston on 30 May 2019 05:09 PM
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Map360 Videos

A collection of instructional movies that will get you started using IMS Map360.


IMS Map360 Features and Deliverables (8:07)

Map360 Feature Highlights (2:37)

600 Million Point Cloud Example (4:26)

What is IMS Map360? A Narrated Slide Show (15:23)

UAV Workflow (4:31)

Map360 1.3.1 Features (3:50)

Map360 2.0 Features (2:27)

Map360 2.1 Features (1:55)

Map360 2.2 Features (1:39)

Overview Movies: 

Map360 General Overview (9:38)

Point Clouds: IMS Map360 vs MapScenes (5:18)

Essentials Tab (0:56)

User Interface (3:44)



Interface Movies: 

Create a New Scene (0:58)

Open an Existing Scene (0:45)

Modify Properties (2:18)

Point Node Settings (1:34)

Cursor Options (1:24)
Status Bar Text Size (0:59)

Movies by Ribbon:


Seek (0:56)

Viewing and Zooming Tools (2:16)

Grips (2:22)

Artisan (1:29)

Scene Defaults and ReScale (3:43) Point Protection and 2D Draw Mode (2:42)

IPN, IPD and IPE (1:47)

Visual Styles (1:02) Help and Updates (2:33)


Import UAS/Pix4D Image Data (4:06)

Import Leica Captivate Data (5:08)

Import Evidence Recorder Data (1:53)

Export to Google Earth (1:58)

Bing Maps (1:58)

Export to PDF (1:53)

AutoAdd Points (1:16)

Import LTI (1:18)

How to Insert a Raster Images (Including Google Maps images) (2:38)



Query Objects (1:36)

Dynamic Labeling (2:55)

Dimensions (1:58)

Label Distance (2:13)

Scene Analysis (1:45)

Selectable EVM (0:45)

Leaders (2:58)

Trajectory Ballistic Cones (1:11)

Evidence Markers - Enchanced (1:02)

Evidence and Measurement Logs (7:19)

Witness Viewport (2:06)



JetStream (3:03)

COE Import (2:01)

COE Export (3:16)

*.LGS Support (0:25)

Bullet Path Reconstruction (1:51)



Workflow Movies: 

Pointcloud Tutorial Movies:

These movies will go over the basic steps to producing a finished product when working with Pointcloud data.  These movies illustrate the steps explained in detail in the online Pointcloud tutorial.  Find the whole tutorial with written directions and sample data here.

Start New Scene (1:41)

Open a Cyclone Database (2:38)

Drawing a Building (6:55)

Drawing Roadlines (7:37)

Inserting Symbols (2:39)

Adding Dimensions (2:30)

Configuring a Layout (6:13)

Printing (2:53)

Import e57 or LAS point cloud files (4:13)

2D Diagram from Point Cloud Data (8:21)

Clipping Tool - Clip Outside Rectangle (0:23)

2D Linework on Point Cloud (1:34)

Total Station and GPS Tutorial Movies:

These movies will go over the basic steps to producing a finished product when working with total station or GPS/GNSS data.  These movies illustrate the stepsin the online TPS/GNSS tutorial.  Find the whole tutorial with steps explained in detail and sample data here.

Start a new Scene (1:41)

Evidence Recorder SyncWizard (2:19)

Import an ASCII or Text file (2:02)

Automated Linework (1:19)

Import Laser Technologies CSV file (3:01)

Symbol Librarian (4:11)

Creating a Boundary and Hatch (4:04)

More Hatching (2:32)

Modifying Properties (1:20)

Configuring a Layout (6:13)

Printing (2:53)

Scene Analysis (2:42)

Printing Evidence Reports (3:05)

Evidence Recorder Workflow into Map360 (8:48)


HemoSpat Tutorial Movies:

Intro Movie - IMS Map360 and HemoSpat (0:58)

Clip the point cloud (1:21)

Insert digital photgraphs on point cloud wall (3:15)

Create HemoSpat Exchange File (3:46)

Determine offset measurements from point cloud for lead stains (2:14)

Import HemoSpat results into IMS Map360 (2:17)

Advanced - Define multiple surfaces from point cloud for use in HemoSpat (6:23)




Evidence Recorder Movies Video Tips Resource Link
YouTube Playlist v1 YouTube Playlist v2  


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