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Using Evidence Recorder data in third party applications
Posted by Jacob Wall on 03 December 2015 09:21 AM

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IMS Evidence Recorder is a powerful field data collection software capable of exporting data that can be used with all major computer applications used by law enforcement for creating scene diagrams.

Export from Evidence Recorder

ASCII coordinate files and DXF drawing files are the two most widely used formats for exchanging measured data. Both these formats can be exported from Evidence Recorder.

EVR Import Export

ASCII Coordinates

  1. Choose "ASCII Coordinate File Export" from the available options:
    ASCII Export
  2. Usually the Standard Output Format will be the quickest and best option, however you can also create a "New Format" to create a new format with customizable fields:
    New Format
  3. Pick OK, then provide a file name to save the ASCII file. The current project directory is a good place to save the TXT file in:
    ASCII Name
  4. Pick Save

DXF Files

  1. Choose "DXF File Export" from the available options:
    DXF Export
  2. Confirm the layers and items to export:
    DXF Options
  3. Pick OK, then provide a file name to save the DXF file. The current project directory is a good place to save the DXF file in:
    DXF Name
  4. Pick Save

Importing ASCII Coordinates into Crash Zone / Crime Zone

Importing ASCII coordinates exported from Evidence Recorder into Crash Zone or Crime Zone software is straight forward, and the default ASCII Import Settings are the same as Evidence Recorder Standard Export Format.

  1. Select New from the File pull-down menu or open an existing diagram.
  2. Select the Import Data command from the File pull-down menu and select ASCII.
  3. Navigate to the folder where your ASCII file is located and select it by clicking on the name.
    CZ Import
  4. Click the Open button and the data is loaded into the ASCII Import Options toolbox.
  5. Click on the Formats and the formats are displayed to the right. Select the format so the coordinate data is interpreted correctly.
    CZ Format
  6. Confirm that the format, units and text size are correct, or make the desired changes to the data, and then click the OK button to place the data into your diagram. You can also select the Save button and save the coordinate data to either a different .TXT or .CSV file.
    CZ Preview
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