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Map360 Training - Minneapolis MN
Posted by Chenel Georget on 18 December 2018 11:55 AM

MicroSurvey hosted a certified Train the Trainer class on Map360 Fundamentals and Point Cloud at the AHATS Facility of MN State Patrol December 10-14, 2018.

The class was instructed by Jason Poitras, General Manager from MicroSurvey and assisted by Chenel Georget, Forensic Product Manager for MicroSurvey.


We would like to thank all the attendees for a great week of training and to the Minnesota State Patrol for hosting the...
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Simulate the scene with Virtual CRASH 4
Posted by Chenel Georget on 19 November 2018 12:12 PM

Many Map360 users create accurate diagrams with vehicle positions then use various simulation programs to simulate and animate their scene. This article will walk you through the workflow to reconstruct the scene from point cloud data in Map360 so you can easily import your DXF into Virtual CRASH 4 to simulating the involved vehicles travel paths. 

Map360 can import...
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Leica Evidence Recorder 11.2
Posted by James Johnston on 13 November 2018 05:02 PM

Leica  is proud to announce the release of IMS Evidence Recorder Service Pack 11.2. Leica has added support for new GNSS receivers and total stations, added new coordinate systems and made many important bug fixes. MicroSurvey Evidence Recorder continues to support wide array of GNSS and Total station instruments.

Evidence Recorder provides users with an intuitive graphical map interface for gathering measurements at a scene. Build your scene and see the...
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Lunch and Learn Map360 with Leica Geosystems
Posted by How Li on 30 October 2018 03:57 PM

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Announcing the Release of Map360 V2.1
Posted by Chenel Georget on 12 October 2018 11:51 AM

Announcing the Release of Map360 V2.1

The new release of Map360 provides new features that align with Leica Geosystems’ new technology and advancements!

We’ve included simplified workflows and innovation fueled by user requested features!

Map360, part of the Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite, is a desktop software solution that lets users import, process, analyze, visualize and create court ready deliverables from all types of...
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Important Announcement re. 32-bit version of Map360
Posted by Chenel Georget on 28 August 2018 04:18 PM

Important Announcement re. 32-bit version of Map360

Effective August 2018 MicroSurvey Software Inc. will no longer produce 32-bit versions of Map360.

As the MicroSurvey product lines advance, so does the underlying technology that powers our computers and operating systems. While specialized 64-bit processors...
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September 2018 Forensic Training in Kelowna
Posted by James Johnston on 18 June 2018 04:03 PM

Forensic Training at MicroSurvey

MicroSurvey will be hosting a Forensic Training Event in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

The class will be focused on fundamentals for mapping scenes using Evidence Recorder and completing drawings with Map360.  For those interested in the point cloud capabilities of Map360, there will also be a one-day class offered at the end of the course.

There are 3 options for attendees to choose to attend:

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Map360 V2.0 Released
Posted by Chenel Georget on 08 May 2018 02:18 PM

We are excited to announce the release of Map360 V2.0!

This release is packed with new features and improvements to increase productivity and enhance your day to day use of the program!

Map360, part of the Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite, is a desktop software solution that lets users import, process, analyze, visualize and create court ready deliverables from all types of measurement data.  This CAD based drawing software is loaded with Crash and Crime related...
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Map360 Class - Nashville Tennessee
Posted by Jason Poitras on 21 February 2018 04:19 PM

MicroSurvey will be hosting a training class on Map360 at the Tennessee Department of Safety Training Center in April.

This class will be a Train the Trainer style training and it is expected that this class will sell out fast. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jason at jason.poitras@microsurvey.com.

Seats remaining: Sold Out

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ASPACI Crash Event - Brisbane Australia
Posted by Jason Poitras on 21 February 2018 04:01 PM

We are happy to have attended the ASPACI 2018 Crash Event with C.R. Kennedy in Brisbane Australia.

We got to meet up with some customers which was long overdue and even got to catch up with some friends from Canada and the USA who were assisting with the Crash Event.  We mapped the crashes with a Leica BLK360 and a Leica P40 and showed attendees how point cloud and Pix4D data could be turned into court ready deliverables using Map360.

It was a great event and we look...
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New Version - IMS Map360 1.3.1
Posted by Jason Poitras on 06 November 2017 02:11 PM

The largest IMS Map360 update this year has features that focus on saving you time while not sacrificing precision and quality.

New features included in this release are:

  • Support for Bing Maps
  • Evidence Markers
  • Evidence Legend
  • Evidence Reports
  • Draw Room Tools
  • Resize Block wizard
  • Change Block Color wizard

 For more details, check out the following documents:

Certified IMS Training for Oregon State Police
Posted by James Johnston on 01 September 2017 12:44 PM

21 members of the Oregon State Police completed IMS training on August 11, 2017. 

The training included Evidence Recorder operation with robotic total stations and Map360 cad fundamentals.  Training was delivered by IMS Certified Trainer Andy Klane and Leica Geosystems was represented by Ken Jones and James Johnston.  All participants completed the tasks required for certification and have returned to their home bases to use this software for accident...
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ITAI 2017
Posted by Jason Poitras on 28 June 2017 10:45 AM

The Incident Mapping Suite was on display at the 12th annual ITAI Conference and Crash Test & Research Day at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds situated in Leicestershire, U.K.  Leica Geosystems was the headline sponsor which allowed attendees to attend the crash day free of charge.

Various Leica technologies were deployed including the Leica ScanStation...
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IMS Training Page Launched
Posted by James Johnston on 22 March 2017 04:03 PM

See the newly released IMS Training page:

Read about our comprehensive training program and materials. 

Meet our certified trainers. 

Check the calendar to find a scheduled training session near you.

Leica Public Safety Group Training...
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Leica Demo Day in the Netherlands
Posted by James Johnston on 06 March 2017 05:04 PM

Leica hosted a demo day event at Tilberg in the Netherlands on February 16.  The event involved a presentation of data gathered from a crime scene simulation that had been measured the previous day in The Hague.  Participants inspected the full range of sensors including Total Stations, GNSS, High Definition Scanners, Small scale Scanners, a UAV and two Leica Mobile reality...
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